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Ms Dsf called out by stylist over AMVCA dress debt


16 May 2022

Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson has been chastised by a stylist for reportedly failing to pay for the dress she wore to the 2022 AMVCAs.

On Sunday, the stylist took to Instagram to call out Ms Dsf for her debts in a series of photos.

“Dsf!! Please pay me my money!!! You didn’t pay for fabrics nor for my service and you are out there posting me? What did I do wrong? For helping a celebrity that didn’t have much on her but wanted to go for AMVCA??,” he wrote.

“Dsf you blocked me after reaching out to you for my balance, you paid 200k for a fabric of 470k which you saw with your eyes before I bought it. You reached out on Thursday for an event happening on Saturday, you paid on Friday, in a day, Dsf???”

“I pulled out a dress for you without paying a dime, after the event you didn’t pay me, In less than 24 hours, I made that dress, when I even got to the hotel your friends said I should apologize and send text for coming late when you were even the one that paid late, I still apologized as per work relationship.”

Responding, the actress slammed the stylist for his comments about her. Ms DSF shared screenshots of the stylist apologizing to her the day before he called her out.

Adding that, the stylist had made a mess of the outfit, did not deliver it on time and even stitched the outfit on her.

She also warned that he should not mistake her silence for cowardice, threatening to deal with him if he continued with his rants.

Dsf has taken down photos of the outfit from her Instagram profile.