May 18, 2024

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Suspected drug dealer from Nigeria detained in India with cocaine worth N10 million
January 26, 2023


Police in India detained Ojengwa Emmanuel Osondu, a suspected drug dealer from Nigeria, and detained him with 5 grammes of cocaine worth Rs. 60,000 (about N10m).

On January 24, 2023, Hyderabad’s Narcotic Enforcement Wing agents and the Bahadurpura police detained Mumbai resident Osondu, 34, as he was selling a cocaine sample to Level Arjun, a local drug dealer, in Bahadurpura.

According to the authorities, Mumbai has been Emmanuel Osandu’s home since he entered India in 2016 on a student visa from Enugu state.

He had earlier been taken into custody under the NDPS Act by the Goregaon police in December 2020.

Besides the contraband, the police seized his mobile phone. They are in the
process of identifying Arjun and other peddlers and consumers, a press
release issued by H-New DCP Gummi Chakravarthy stated.